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Connect with me through Simple Student Plans! As a college graduate, I know firsthand how thrilling and challenging college can be. That’s why I started this platform to share all the tips, tricks, and resources that have helped me thrive in college in hopes they can help you too.

My goal is to equip you with skills to expand your mind, boost your grades, and enjoy your education.

I provide real-world study methods, and free downloadable materials, and respond to your questions and feedback. This site facilitates a two-way conversation on making the most of these transformative college years.

With many articles on the site, I want to help you find the most relevant content. Take time to know me and the community. Reach out – I listen and support you however I can. College is an adventure I’m thrilled to navigate with you.

Step 1: Get to Know Simple Student Plans

I struggled as a student once too – I’ve been there. When I started high school, I constantly forgot due dates, rarely did homework, and could barely keep up. But after a few months, I realized my teachers had given up on me. I was determined to gain their respect.

So I pushed myself to get organized, properly study, and put my all into school. It paid off! Eight years later, I studied, graduated cum laude from college, and got into grad school, and now share my college journey through blogging.

I’ve compiled my top college content here on Simple Student Plans to make this knowledge easy for students like you to access and learn from.

As someone who transformed from struggling to successful, I motivate and guide you on your educational journey too. I provide wisdom, community, and an understanding ear along the way. With hard work, mindset, and support, your potential is unlocked.

Step 2: Find the Best Resources to Help You

We divide our posts into College Prep, College Help, and College Life. Here are some of the best and most popular in each section!

College Prep helps you apply and get ready for college.

College Help equips you to improve your student habits. We cover study tips, exam advice, writing help, and more!

College Life offers tips to make the most of student life. By focusing on balance, relationships, dorms, and more, we help you enjoy college.

Explore the site and discover what Simple Student Plans offers you!