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Resume Website: 7 Reasons Every College Student Needs an Online Portfolio

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Landing an internship or job after graduation is a top priority for most college students. Having a professional online presence in the form of a resume website can give you a competitive edge when applying for jobs. In this article, we’ll explore all the reasons why building a resume website should be on every student’s to-do list.

Showcase Your Skills and Experiences

A resume website allows you to highlight all of your skills, achievements, experiences, and qualifications in one centralized and easily accessible location. You can provide far more detail in an online profile than the typical one-page paper resume.

With customized sections, you can feature case studies and examples of major projects and accomplishments that would be impossible to showcase adequately on a traditional resume. Things like linking to writing samples, design work, videos of speeches/presentations, and extracurricular leadership activities can help provide evidence and proof that paper resumes lack.

Increase your Discoverability

While your paper resume only reaches the few employers you directly apply to, a resume website allows you to be discovered by recruiters and hiring managers searching online for candidates.

93% of employers use online search to screen applicants, so having an online presence gives you a chance to be found by the right people even if you don’t directly apply to a role.

Populate your site with relevant keywords that properly capture your background, skills, and ambitions to maximize your chances of being discovered in related searches.

Shows That You’re Tech-Savvy

Creating your resume website demonstrates valuable tech skills like web design, writing, and optimization. Even using a simple resume builder tool still shows a degree of technological competence and modern adaptability that employers find favorable.

Highlight any coding languages, software programs, or IT skills you utilized to create your site. Doing so presents you as far more technologically adept.

Customizable & Adaptable

Unlike paper documents, websites remain changeable and fluid over time. You can continually add new skills, achievements, media examples, and experiences as they occur throughout your college journey.

Having an easily updateable profile allows you to tailor and adapt your site based on each specific internship or job you apply for.

Personal Branding

A resume site enables you to establish a professional personal brand and online presence that shows up prominently in search results.

Rather than being one of many in a stack of applicant paper resumes, you can stand out as an individual. Convey your personal story, background, ambitions, and qualifications on your terms in one place that fully captures everything important about you.

Control your narrative while showcasing exactly the image, personality, and skills you want employers to associate with your brand.

Networking & References

With customizable pages, you can easily collect online references, endorsements, and testimonials demonstrating positive workplace performance and skill sets.

Feature recommendations from professors, previous bosses, coaches, colleagues, and executive board leaders you’ve worked with describing your accomplishments and work ethic.

Share your site across your professional social networks. Allow networking contacts to quickly reference everything important about your abilities and career in one simple online location.

Convenience & Accessibility

Carrying around paper versions of your resume, writing samples and work samples can be tiresome and constraining. With an online resume site, everything you want to showcase is stored securely in one centralized hub accessible from anywhere at any time.

You can conveniently direct employers to your site with a quick link for remote reviewing rather than needing to submit documents physically.

Key Takeaways:

  • Highlight skills, experiences & achievements not capturable on paper resumes
  • Increase talent discoverability through search engines & databases
  • Demonstrate tech competence & modern adaptability
  • Continually add new skills, media & experiences
  • Craft customized content tailored to each application
  • Establish a professional personal brand that makes you stand out
  • Share the site across networks to accumulate references & endorsements
  • Convenient accessibility for employers rather than document transfers

FAQs About Resume Websites for Students

Should college freshmen have an online resume?

Yes, even first-year students can benefit greatly from launching sites highlighting coursework, relevant skills, and any jobs, volunteering, sports, or clubs. Build your brand early.

What content should be included on a college resume website?

Feature your bio/story, course highlights, transferable skills, achievements, campus leadership, project examples, hobbies showing career relevance, goals/ambitions, and references.

What makes a good student resume website design?

Use an uncluttered, skimmable format blending scannable text sections with eye-catching charts, photos, and multimedia examples of your abilities in action.

Can I build my student resume website for free?

Yes, many free website builders like Wix, SquareSpace, and Google Sites offer free templates ideal for basic student portfolio sites and require no coding. Pay only if you want to connect a custom domain or access premium features.

What should my student website URL be named?

Ideally your specific name ( or some variation relating to your focus like or

Should I pay for web hosting or use a free student website builder?

We recommend starting free while customizing on a basic template and then upgrading down the line if website performance demands and prices for domains/hosting remain reasonable for student budgets.

I hope this article covered everything you need to know about the tremendous benefits of creating and leveraging your resume website to stand out and get hired! Please comment below if you have any other questions.

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