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Now you’re in college.

That’s amazing! But it turns out you’re not quite as successful as you imagined you’d be at it. The expectations in college are different from those in high school, even if you were the top student there, and you’re still figuring out what that means.

Perhaps you didn’t do as well academically in high school, and now you’re attempting to catch up with everyone. Or perhaps you’ve been in college for a while and are sick of not doing as well as you know you can.

Meenah Bakr, Founder of Simple Student Plans which is a resource for current and prospective college students who want to improve their grades and discover what works best for them.

I’ve been there. I’m Meenah Bakr, the founder of Simple Student Plans. I’ve been an average student, working desperately hard to improve my grades in high school.

I’ve been that high school grad who didn’t know how to write anything other than a poor and basic essay. And I’ve been the happy and productive college student who came out on top.

Learning from my own mistakes, I figured out what worked for me, and went on to finish my undergrad and even pursue a master’s degree.

I’m sharing what I’ve learned with you because I enjoy being helpful and because someone else should also benefit from all these study tips and tricks that I’ve learned.

That’s why Simple Student Plans is a resource for current and prospective college students who want to improve their grades. And also discover what works best for them. I have advice for you here, whether you need guidance preparing for college. And want to improve as a student, or simply want to make the most of your college years.

Send me an email through the form on our Contact page at if I haven’t answered your question yet. I’m glad to provide resources for whatever you might need help with, as this site is always evolving.